The work is in painting and plastering the facades of private houses. Job includes painting new houses and older buildings. Work requires good physical shape, endurance and no fear of height.

We welcome to apply also Ukrainian women and men.

NB! Ukrainians can work in Germany up to 3 months during 6 month eriod.


The job is suitable for a recent graduate of a vocational school or an employee with little experience. But we value experienced worker with 2+ years experience.


  • Free accommodation (shared accommodation).
  • Free meals.
  • Free transport from Estonia to Germany and back.
  • Motivational pay.
  • Up to 3 people can apply in teams (with existing staff).
  • Work clothes and tools are provided by the employer.

Job Duration: at least 3 months.

Job Time: Full time.

Next group will leave to Germany in July 2022