Please fill out the following form with answers that describe your suitable candidate most perfectly.
Terms: Candidate is the person who is not accepted but has sent in her/his CV. Employee is the person who is accepted by You.

*- mandatory questions

1. General information.

1.1 * Please describe briefly who would be the best personal Employee for you.

1.2 * Do you accept candidates with any or only EU citizenship?

1.3 * What age candidates do you prefer?

1.4 * What sex candidates do you prefer?

1.5 * Do you accept candidate with children?

1.6 * What marital status candidates do you accept?

1.7 * Does candidate need to have a self photo?
YesNoDoes not matter

1.8 * In what language CV-s should be?

1.9 * If candidate has little writing skills in your preferred CV language, do you accept translation costs or reject CV-s in any other language?

2. Job

2.1 * What will be the Employee position name?

2.2 * How many Employees do you plan to hire for this position?

2.3 * What will be the work time?

2.4 * What will be the offered monthly NET salary (EUR)? Currency calculator

2.5 * What will be the job location:

2.6 * What is the suitable starting date?

2.7 * How many paid vocation days in one year candidate can have?

2.8 * When is the earliest possible time for a holiday?

2.9 * Please describe what are common work tasks?

3. Candidate education.

3.1 * What degree and specialty should candidate have?

3.2 * What extra training should candidate have?

4. Work experience.

4.1 * What previous work experience candidate should have?

4.2 * What specialization do you prefer candidate has?

4.3 What special care candidate need to be able to provide?
Dementia client care
Disabled client care
Cancer patients care
Learning disability care
Palliative care
Personal hygiene care
Bowel care
Gastrostomy feeding care
Tracheostomy and ventilated care

4.4 * How many years of work experience suitable candidate must have?

5. References.

5.1 * In what language reference letters should be?

5.2 * If references need to be translated does translations need to be notarized?

5.3 * If reference letters need to be translated and/or notarized to you accept the cost of translation and notarization?

6. Language skills.

6.1 * Please describe what language skills candidate should have in scale of 1-5. (1 = none. 5 = mother tongue)

Language Understanding Speaking Writing

7. Extra training.

7.1 Does candidate need to take any extra training to start working? If yes please specify.

7.2 Do you provide any extra training for Employee? If yes please specify.

8. Driving skills.

8.1 * Please indicate what category driving license candidate should have?

8.2 * Does candidate need to drive a car on a daily basis?

9. Accommodation.

9.1 * Do you provide accommodation?

9.2 * Does Employee need to pay for his/her accommodation? If yes please provide estimate of cost for 6 month period.
Estimate of all accomodation related costs in EUR for first 6 months including guarantee (Currency calculator)

9.3 Please describe accommodation if provided:

9.4 Does Employee have his own room?

9.5 How many bedrooms does the shared accommodation (apartment/house) have?

9.6 How many persons does the shared apartment/house house regularly (excluding the Employee)?

9.7 Does Employee have his own apartment?

9.8 How many bedrooms does the apartment have?

10. Cooking skills.

10.1 * Does Employee need to have cooking skills and able to cook daily?

10.2 What food/kitchen do you prefer?

10.3 How many meals does the Employee need to make in one day?

11. Cleaning.

11.1 * Does Employee job description include also cleaning the apartment/house?

12. Please describe Employee daily routine? And if possible the Employee role and responsibilities.

13. Transfer.

13.1 * Do you provide transfer or reimburse tickets for suitable Employee from Estonia to destination country?

14. Interviews.

14.1 * How would you like to interview suitable candidates?

14.2 Suitable interview dates are:
; ;

15. Contact information and confirmation.

15.1 * Your name:

15.2 Your company name:

15.3 * Your contact phone (country calling code - phone number):

15.4 * Your contact e-mail:

15.5 * Please insert 4-digit security code captchabelow

I hereby certify that the information in this document is accurate and reflects the reality of recruitment needs and conditions for suitable candidate (s) search.

NB! The contents of this document are confidential and intended solely for the recipient and Fresh Job authorized personnel (together as Parties). Reproduction, sharing of, or forwarding to anyone not directly sent this document is strictly forbidden without the Parties consent.