Our client is a IT company located in Germany and Estonia with 20 years’ experience in providing professional software especially Microsoft office products. And we are looking for C ++ DEVELOPERS to work from home.


Post: C++ developer.

Salary: 92 000-129 000 € gross per year, after the 1st year – 129 000 € guaranteed

Remote location.

For remote work, a person must work from a country that is not subject to international sanctions.

Job Type: Full-Time

We are seeking talented developers with a strong theoretical foundation. Our team of developers includes individuals with more than 15 years of commercial experience in a range of industries as well as recent computer science, physics, and mathematics degrees. For this position, a college degree or prior C++ job experience would be a great combo, as would be a novel and inventive approach to problem-solving. Our entire recruitment process is task-oriented, therefore the candidates are chosen based on their performance in our examinations.



  • Language: German or English fluency Only one of these languages is necessary.
  • Working history: any
  • Remote: avoiding working from nations that are subject to international sanctions. If an applicant moves to another country, he must be a citizen of that nation, have a bank account there, or be able to submit business-to-business invoices. We consider a variety of profiles for the position of C++ developer, regardless of prior specialty and years of experience. For evaluating programming skills is more crucial than looking at a great resume and previous projects. Since every step of our hiring process is task-based, the candidates are exclusively chosen based on the performance on the exams. Several of our developers joined immediately after graduating from college without any prior professional experience.


The hiring procedure

  • Each candidate must pass a C++ programming test as part of the application process. There is no set time limit for finishing the test. The programming test, which normally takes no more than 3–4 hours to complete, will be sent to the applicant through a link.

We nevertheless give the candidate nine hours to submit the answer, giving them some leeway.

  • To identify an elegant solution to a real-world problem our developers have encountered (and handled in the past) and to implement that answer in C++ is the goal of the programming test and subsequent tasks during on-site or telephone interviews. These projects concentrate on algorithmic aspects and don’t call for specialized understanding of any technology or the nuances of C++. It may have multiple answers, not just one. A excellent solution must be accurate as well as, and this is crucial, concise, elegant, and simple to comprehend.


  • The recruitment website and/or the test itself will disclose all pertinent information pertaining to the test itself or the technological requirements necessary to complete it.
  • The candidate will then be given another problem or problems to solve during a telephone interview.
  • If the applicant is selected for a face-to-face interview after passing the telephone interview stage, we will pay for all related expenses.
  • After the interview, we will decide whether or not to hire the candidate, and we will email the candidate and you with our decision.


About the business.

The company was founded in 2002 and today employs over 50 people from more than 20 different nations. In order to create complicated data-driven charts and slides, we must provide the most user-friendly interface possible while while ensuring accuracy, consistency, and smooth Microsoft Office interaction. By automating numerous processes for our customers, such as chart labeling or slide layout, we help them save time. more than a million users globally (such as American Express, Coca-Cola, Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Porsche Consulting, etc.) Depend on our software for their day-to-day operations. We concentrate on difficult visualization issues, Microsoft code reverse engineering, and user interface innovation. And we base everything on our own ground-breaking C++ library, which we are free to refine alongside the rest of our work. Company is the only German business supporting a delegation to the C++ ISO committee, there is a significant probability that the innovations we make will become part of the standard. The kind of business that developers really enjoy. In fact, in the 20 years company has existed, just 2  of our 20 full-time developers have ever left their positions. We can give you the time and resources to build great code since we are very profitable. There will be no meetings.

There are no demands from those who don’t know the business because all management, including the two co-founders, have PhDs in computer science.


Additional highlights

  • What might a typical project or assignment look like?

The following is an example of a task they might do:

1) Create a solution for a feature request or an idea that no one has yet figured out how to communicate; it could be a concept or a piece of code.

2) Describe your answer to colleagues who will ask questions; look for gaps to keep learning.

Iterate and enhance any ideas developed by you or other developers. All of our programmers use the C++ programming language, and they talk about concepts, code, conceptual design, usability, and user experience. They don’t have planned meetings, time set aside for organizational tasks, documentation, or time tracking—all of which, according to a senior developer, are equally crucial as what they do.

  • What level of exposure do C++ developers have to outside clients?

Since a support crew closely collaborates with clients, there is none. With only one “layer” of individuals between them and the client as opposed to 3–7 “layers” or intermediaries, they are, however, far closer to the client than other businesses.

  • What rights do you get with the relocation package?

We don’t have a predetermined package for relocating a candidate. Our CFO/COO interacts with the candidate about his or her needs personally rather than offering a one-size-fits-all package. In general, it might include assistance with housing and relocating, tickets, a first-time apartment, etc. If the request is reasonable, we won’t refuse it. If the candidate has children, we advise that he or she move to Berlin alone initially and then move the rest of the family after they are more certain they want to stay. If an applicant needs a work permit, we can assist with that as well.

  • Any other perks beyond the base pay?

There aren’t any additional set financial benefits on the side because they make a really excellent wage. However, the office is located in the heart of Berlin, there is a fresh bakery, fresh fruit, drinks, and snacks accessible at the office every morning, a shower to use if they want to exercise in between (some run or even bike to work), and there is a summer and winter party. Other rewards may be discussed by the candidate directly with one of the co-founders if the candidate is successful in the hiring process.

  • Will they work with others or on their own?

Typically, one or two other developers share offices with developers. Although it does occasionally happen, they do not always work in teams. They typically talk with the CTO about their jobs and projects.

  • How big is the team?

Roughly 50 people out of 20 are developers. We have employees from a variety of countries, including Germany, the United States, Brazil, China, South Africa, Italy, and the United Kingdom. We are proud to work with great C++ engineers from around the world.


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