Our client is a Dutch company that is looking for builders with different qualifications to join its team. Carpenters, masons, plasterers, roofers, plumbers can get work.

Job offers for the following positions:


  • Carpenter.
    • Experience: reading construction drawings, foundations, pouring aerated concrete, installing and making formwork, installing doors/windows, drywall, roofing and other carpentry. Most of the work is new construction or renovation of houses.


  • Mason.
    • Experience: Knowing and using different concretes and mixes, aerated concrete, joints, construction profile, reading construction drawings. Most of the works are new construction of houses and apartments.


  • Plasterer.
    • Experience: Interior and exterior finishing, facades, ceilings, floors and so on. Surface preparation, cleaning and, if necessary, wallpaper removal. In addition, you will ensure that the correct plasters and mixtures are used as required. Smoothing and sanding unevenness.
      Tiling, painting or wallpapering the walls. Most of the works are new construction of houses and apartments.


  • Roofer (flat roofs).
    • Experience: Bitumen, PVC, EPDM, insulation, roofing, measuring, construction drawing reading. Most of the work is new construction or renovation of houses/apartments.


  • Roofer (gable roofs).
    • Experience: different types of roofing tiles, installation of slats, measuring, insulation, roof construction, new construction/renovation work, construction drawing reading.


  • A plumber.
    • Experience: Reading blueprints and construction specifications for installation of piping and fixtures for water, gas, steam, air or other fluids such as sinks and toilets.
      Installs supports for pipes, equipment and fasteners prior to installation. Installs fittings and valves. Tests piping systems for leaks and other problems.
      Installs heating and air conditioning systems, including water boilers. Most of the works are new construction/renovation of houses and utilities.


  • A suitable candidate will have:
    • At least 2 years of professional work experience.
    • Knowledge of English or German at a minimum level.
    • European Union passport.
    • Age at least 20 years.


    • WEEKLY NET SALARY (salary after taxes) €550-600!
    • Working hours: 40 hours per week


  • We offer suitable candidates:
    • Free accommodation in the Netherlands for all positions .
    • An open-ended contract.
    • Completion of all documents in Estonia and the Netherlands.
    • Reimbursement of travel expenses from accommodation to the workplace.


Additional information:

It is preferred to use personal transport (car), because there may not be convenient public transport between the objects and the accommodation.

Owning personal tools, work clothes and shoes is preferred but not required.

The work locations are all over the Netherlands.

Working hours are from Monday to Friday.

Possibility of home visits every 5-6 weeks.

NB!! It is also possible to apply for a job in various ways. In this case, it is enough if every third candidate has language skills and personal transport.


To apply , please send us your CV to cv@freshjob.ee